Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015

Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015.



Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015


  1. Start your braid at the top left side of your head. Split your section into three and start a Dutch lace braid.
  2. Start your Dutch lace braid. A Dutch braid is the reverse of a French braid where you bring the sections under instead of over. With a lace braid you only add in hair on one side of the braid. For this style you always add in hair on the top side only so that you leave enough hair underneath for the rest of the braid. Start the braid by bringing the right section under the middle, then the left under the right. Add in hair as you bring the next section on the right under the middle. Don’t add in hair on the left side.
  3. To turn the braid – curve the braid around and switch the lace braid to the other side of the braid. You’ll keep adding in hair from the top side only, but now that your braid has turned 180 degrees, it’s now being added to the other side.
  4. Keep the braid close to the first row. Follow the line of the first braid and keep them close together so they look like one giant braid. My second row is a little far from the first row as I couldn’t see it when I was braiding. Practising helps, as does a mirror.
  5. Keep the braid tight on the corners. It can be tricky to turn the braid so make sure you keep the tension in your hair so the corners don’t become too loose. Switching the side that you add the hair too forces the braid to turn.
  6. How to finish the braid. On your final turn (or when you run out of hair) continue braiding in a normal braid to the end of your hair and secure the ends with a small hair elastic. Fold the braid up and pin it at the nape of your neck to finish the updo. You can also use bobby pins to secure the braid in place or if you have any layers sticking out.
  7. Stretch it out! My favourite step is always stretching out your braid. This always makes your hair look thicker and can help cover up any joins or layers that are poking through.
  8. Spritz it with hairspray. Finish with a little hairspray to keep it all in place. I like to leave a few wispy layers of hair around the face to soften the look.

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