Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015

Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015.



Top 5 Random Hair Tutorial For Women's 2015


  1. Your braid starts on the right where you would place a deep side part. In straight hair I like to do a full part but in curly hair I prefer a short part. Take a small section about one-inch wide and split into three.
  2. Start the braid by weaving these together backwards, by crossing the sections underneath. A Dutch braid is the reverse of a French braid where you bring the sections under instead of over.
  3. Add sections from your hairline into the braid as you follow your hairline towards your ear.
  4. Once you reach your ear, finish your braid and twist and pin it into a small knot or bun behind your ear on your hairline.
  5. Next take small sections of your hair and twist and pin around the first bun. You want to take sections equal to the braid so that all the twists are the same size.
  6. Use some bobby pins or hair pins to secure the braid flat against your head as it can tend to lift forward.

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