Top 5 Popular Medium Haircuts

A haircut that is medium in length very versatile. No matter how the hair is cut, it is both long and short enough for you to style it many different ways! Here are 30 different medium haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality.



This haircut has short layers that are even from front to back. The layers remove a lot of weight from the hair, giving it a lot of texture and movement. The cut also causes the hair to lay where it would naturally fall and balance the roundness of the head.

Top 5 Popular Medium Haircuts

How To Style:

1. Apply a smoothing product to wet hair.

2. Blow dry the hair as smooth as possible with a styling brush.

3. Use a flat iron to further smooth and polish the hair.

4. Apply a shine serum to hair.



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