Top 5 Best Medium Haircuts

Shoulder-length hair­: "It's the magical length," says hairstylist Harry Josh. "It has the flexibility of long hair, great for a bun or ponytail, but it can do its own thing down." Though you don't need a wand to pull it off, there are a few tricks involved—and the ones we've rounded up are way easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat.



Top 5 Best Medium Haircuts

Thick, curly hair types will love Byrne's sexy, disheveled layers. "They frame the face nicely, and because they're below the chin, they thin it out a bit," says Josh, who recommends keeping layers longer in the back. "Anyone can pull this off, but those with rounder faces should ask their stylists for fewer layers. Otherwise, it will make the face appear wider."



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