The Top 5 Haircuts for Women in Their 30s

A woman's 30s are a busy decade—careers take off, dating gets serious, and families get started. Your haircut needs to keep up. We rounded up five styles so gorgeous, you'll be looking forward to your next birthday.



The Top 5 Haircuts for Women in Their 30s

"When you're younger, you want to make a statement," Brager says. "In your late teens and 20s, you try every trend and fry the crap out of your hair. For your 30s, you want your hair to do its own thing, not be overdone." And Saldana does just that with this wavy, medium-length cut. Because of its length, anyone can pull off this cut—heart-shaped or square face, coarse or fine hair. Using your natural part, ask for layers that start at your chin. "They make waves look even more bouncy," she says.



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