The 5 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes

Think blondes have more fun? Check out these sultry brunettes and think again. According to colorist Marie Robinson, whose clients include Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, the best shades of brown and black right now are natural—kicked up a notch. "It's about enhancing, not extremes," she says. "Most of these celebrities are within two shades of their natural color, whether it's a tiny bit lighter or darker."



The 5 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes

"This is the color anyone could wear," says Robinson. This chestnut brown shade warms up Victoria Beckham's complexion and enhances her brown eyes. Ask for a dark brown base and caramel and light auburn highlights to frame the face, mid-length, and ends. Robinson says that red highlights are the key to this look. "The red golds add dimension, making your hair look richer and more chocolaty."



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