The 5 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes

Think blondes have more fun? Check out these sultry brunettes and think again. According to colorist Marie Robinson, whose clients include Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, the best shades of brown and black right now are natural—kicked up a notch. "It's about enhancing, not extremes," she says. "Most of these celebrities are within two shades of their natural color, whether it's a tiny bit lighter or darker."



The 5 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes

Although this blonde-brown warms up Angelina Jolie's complexion, Robinson cautions that someone without her anime lips and striking eyes might have trouble pulling it off. "A fairer person without big features or someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup could get washed out by this shade," she says. To get this look, ask for gold and honey highlights blended over a natural medium brown.



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