5 Hairstyles for Summer 2015

Here’s my pick of the trends most likely to become the best hairstyles for summer 2015!

Ponytails are always one of the best hairstyles for summer. 2015’s fashion fans will be probably be wearing one of the trendy pony styles shown on the models recently.


Cutest Braid Ponytail:

There’s already a trend for the ‘bubble ponytail’ as an evening style for winter 2014/15. This has severalpony elastics fastened down the length, to form a curvy ‘in and out’ shape.

5 Hairstyles for Summer 2015

L’Oreal created relaxed ponytails on long lightly permed hair, left to dry naturally and fastened with different coloured elastics for a casual ‘pool-side’ holiday vibe. Casasola’s ponytails were fastened with old-fashioned knicker elastic and at JJS Lee, the ponies were apparently fastened with sections cut from tights!



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