5 French Braids Hairstyles Tutorials

Hi, beauties, are you looking for some hairstyles to upgrade your usual hairstyles? If so, you can have a look at the following splendid and fabulous braid hairstyles which certainly freshen your look and make you more fashionable and charming.

What you need is several minutes and then you can follow them or make use of your creative ideas to make your braids leave others deep impression.Are you ready? Let’s start the wonderful braids hairstyles travel.


Easy Braids Hairstyles for Medium Straight Hair:

5 French Braids Hairstyles Tutorials

This braided hairstyle is featured by four strands. The long hair is divided into four strands rather than normal three ones and then they are braided tightly. Of course, you can adjust the tightness as you like.



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