5 Curly Bob Hairstyles That Simply Rock

For ages the standard thought was that curly hair looked better longer because of it’s natural tendency to grow wide first and then down. However, this thought can be tossed out with that tube television. Curly bob hairstyles are feminine, playful and easy to style. So go on and try out some of these rockin’ styles!



5 Curly Bob Hairstyles That Simply Rock

How to Style:

  1. Start with clean wet hair.
  2. Apply favorite strong hold gel.
  3. Part hair on side, using a comb with both a fine side and wider tooth side, and brush bangs forward.
  4. Gently brush bangs back. Place bobby pin or duckbill clip in the c-shape you’ve just created.
  5. Repeating steps 3 & 4, allow the bang area to dry.
  6. Using diffuser, dry back and sides.
  7. Once front is dry, remove clips and mist with a medium hold hairspray.

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