5 Bridal Wedding Hairstyles 2014-15 for Every Length

Brides always want something distinctive when it comes to makeup, outfit and hair style. They are keen to look at their best and often they are confused about which hairstyle to go for because they are not sure whether its going to suit them. Here are five Bridal Wedding Hairstyles for Brides.


Forehead Bands:

5 Bridal Wedding Hairstyles 2014-15 for Every Length

This is mainly for brides having shorter hair. There’s no need to make complicated and to detailed styles. Jazz your hair up by adding fancy bands and glamorous hair accessories to make it appear formal and classy. Bands come in many styles and designs. Choose silver, white or with colored stones that match your wedding outfit. You can also tie them up and let the locks hang down at the back. Another option is to curl the locks at the back to make them more attractive and formal.



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