Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

Hair is one of the most fundamental parts of our body that boosts the beauty of a woman or a man. Everybody loves beautiful hair and we take initiatives for a lot of methods in order to maintain proper growth and texture of our hair. All the hair packs, hot oil therapies, hair spas are just few of the hair care methods to be mentioned. And when we have so many hair products to style our hair as well such as curling tongs, straightening tongs, blow dryers and more. All the efforts that we take are only so that we look good.

Those people who are hard core followers of fashion will know that fashion trends come and go. Nothing is permanent in the fashion world. One thing that can actually define you is your style. Generally the latest fashion trends have their roots in Bollywood and Hollywood. And the best hairstyle of the previous hair is followed in the coming year as a trend. No wonder the stars put so much effort with their hair dresser.

1.Cool Reverse Bob:

Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

The days of long dark hair is gone. Now short hair is new trend. Bob haircuts are very common. You want to try on something new? Get a reverse bob hair cut. The best part of short hair cuts is that the hair cut is a style itself.

2.Beautiful Layers:

Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

This is one hairstyle that never seems to leave the fashion trend. A beautifully layered hair always looks good.

3.Beautiful Long Hair:

Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

Beautiful bangs always intensify your outlook. A beautiful layered hair is a universal hairstyle that goes with all sorts of attires, occasions and days.

4.Long Waves:

Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

Long waves are so attractive. This hairstyle is one that soothes your eyes. Want to look elegantly beautiful? Try out this pretty hairstyle.

5.Curled All The Way:

Top 5 Latest Hairstyles for Women 2014

You know Kangana Ranaut? Her natural hair is totally curly and it is pretty. Curling your hair completely looks good. It gives you hippie look besides making you look beautiful.


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