5 Simple Updo’s for Medium Hair

Having long hair, which can be styled in many ways, is every girl’s dream. But having long hair is sometimes not possible, due to various reasons like heredity, health, climate, hormonal status, and  also deu to the changing and different modern working lifestyles. One may not always have the luxury of time to maintain long hair, and hence some settle for medium length hair.

In this post, I will share with you all some easy updo hairstyles for medium hair length. Read below to find out simple updos that don’t take much time to do.


High bun:

5 Simple Updo’s for Medium Hair
High buns will always remain in vogue, no matter what. And they look very professional too. This updo hairstyle for medium length hair is counted in one of the easy updo hairstyles. Just grab your hair in a puff pony, twist the hair to form a bun and secure with an elastic rubber band. And you’re good to go. No need for hair spray, or even hair accessories.


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