Wedding Hair Idea: The Elegant Side Ponytail

The side ponytail is a super fun, chic and feminine way to wear your hair on your wedding day. This ladylike style is great for  brides who would like to look like they are wearing their hair down, but have a style that still holds its shape until the end of the night. The side ponytail is a beautiful and timeless hairstyle to wear down the aisle when done correctly to frame the face. Here are a few things to think about:
1. Ensure your ponytail is wrapped so you cannot see your elastic.
2. Ensure that your ponytail is not higher than your ear. When a hairstyle begins above your ear, it is not flattering on any face shape.
3. Ensure you can see your style from the front. A correctly placed wedding day ponytail is key. Also, think about wearing it on the side that will show best to your guests as you walk down the aisle. Do you want your guests to see your face while you are saying your vows? Preparation is important for beautiful pictures!
4. Don’t play with your ponytail. The curls and style will drop very quickly from the oils in your fingers. I know it’s tempting because it’s right next to your face, but you must keep your fingers out of it!
5. I always say you can never have too much hair! Don’t be afraid to add some clip-inextensions to your style to add extra body and fullness to your ponytail.
Hair softly placed next to your face is a very elegant and timeless wedding hairstyle that really anyone can wear. You can also balance it off by pulling some small pieces down on the side opposite your ponytail to frame your face. Additionally, you can have a side bang out on the same side as the ponytail. Do not worry if your hair is short! You can achieve a similar style as you will see in our photos below. Your options are limitless and we’re here to show how truly versatile the elegant side ponytail can be.


Classic Side Swept Ponytail
This is a side ponytail with simple curls and side swept bang on the same side as the pony. This pony looks great on all face shapes and hair lengths. It is a very forgiving hairstyle for a humid and windy day as you can either have soft curls in the ponytail or a very tousled, beachy wave.
Tip: Ensure your bangs are not going to bug you throughout the night! They need to be either short enough to stay out of your face, or long enough to be pinned to the side.


Romantic Side Pony Front View
Romantic Side Pony Side View
Photography:  Zenobia StudiosHair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty 
This style is so simple. The side bang is clipped out of her face with a gorgeous broach. Some side pieces are left out opposite her ponytail to frame and balance the look. Big bouncy curls help to soften the style and face.
Tip: Have your stylist cut some face-framing angles if you would like a look like this on your wedding day. Ensure they are long enough to reach the bend at your cheekbone. This will highlight your cheekbones in photos, helping to slim and define your face!


Braided Side Ponytail
This is a really fun and cute hairstyle! This side ponytail is great for the girl growing out her fringe or just for the girl who loves braids. The style is finished with a curling rod to achieve the waved style curls in the ponytail.
Tip: By braiding the opposite side of the ponytail, it really balances the look, especially if you have a lot of hair like the girl in our picture. Just adding that little bit of texture finishes the style and leaves you symmetrical.


Side Swept Clean Ponytail
Photography: Daniel Gagnon
Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty
This is a great hairstyle for the bride who doesn’t want any hair in her face. It is very clean, simple and classic. This look is perfect for a day or night wedding as it can easily be dressed up to be a bit more glam. This pony style will elongate the neck and really show off your décolleté.
Tip: If you are not comfortable wearing your hair straight back, you can curl the front a bit and then pull it back to soften the hairstyle. See the pic below…
Textured Front Idea 2


Woven Side Ponytail
Woven Side Ponytail - Back View
Photo: Scott Andrew Studio
Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty 
Classy in the front and sassy in the back, this pony style is very elegant and sophisticated. We love how with a simple turn of the head, you can really see the how style is intricate and woven. This is perfect for the bride who may have a lot going on her wedding gown. If the gown is very detailed and embellished in the front, you want a simple and clean hairstyle in the front with a bit of drama in the back.
Tip: A style like this is really showcased when you have dimension in your hair. If you have very dark hair, think about adding some subtle highlights to showcase your hairstyle.


Glamorous Side Pony
Glamourous Side Ponytail Front
Photography: Kate Mc Elwee
Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty 
This is for the bride who wants a bit of glitz and drama! This hair is very full and voluminous. There is quite a bit of teasing involved to make this hairstyle full all over. This ponytail style is not the most flattering on a petite frame or face. A gorgeous fingerwave in the front will really dress this bridal style up!
Tip: If you have your stylist add some angles in your hairstyle before the big day, it will help to manipulate the hair into a picture perfect fingerwave. The short hair pushes the long, allowing some lift and hold in the hair. Finish this side ponytail with a strong hold hairspray and a spritz of shine.
Hopefully you have gained a few ideas as to how you can incorporate the always versatile side ponytail into your wedding day look. Happy styling!

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